About INDN's List

The Indigenous Democratic Network, INDN's List, is the only grassroots political organization devoted to recruiting and electing Native American candidates and mobilizing the Indian Vote throughout America on behalf of those candidates. INDN's List was officially launched Feb 28, 2005, in Washington DC in conjunction with the National Congress of American Indians  Annual Meeting.  They are dedicated to making a unified Indian voice heard at the local, state and national levels by helping Indians build and run effective campaign organizations and to win elected offices across America.

The INDN’s List candidates have enjoyed tremendous success! INDN’s List has helped elect 45 candidates in 16 states and has a 70% win record.  In 2006 they helped put the first Indian woman into the Washington State Senate.  In 2008 they helped elect the first Indian woman to state wide office in Montana. Both of these women, Senator Kauffman and Superintendent Juneau successfully completed their INDN Campaign Camps in 2005 and 2007.

INDN's List supports enrolled tribal members running for state and local offices across America.  INDN's List recommends Democratic Indian Candidates to their members for support.  They keep members informed of political events and news headlines via, newsletters, e-mail alerts, direct mail, and their website.

INDN's Mission

INDN’s List members are dedicated to electing Native American men and women to office across America. We believe in the power of Indians as candidates, as contributors, as campaign professionals, and as voters to bring about great change in our country.

Only when Indians are involved in the political process are they truly represented. When Indians make law and policy, the needs of Indian Country and all those less fortunate are not ignored.

INDN members believe that America needs people in public office who reflect the beautiful diversity of her people. It is unconscionable that the First Americans are too often the Last Americans to have their voices heard. INDN supports Indian candidates and office holders who understand Indian issues and are responsive to the needs of Indian Country. Only when Indians are effectively involved in the political process can they and their interests be truly represented, and it is only when Indians are united behind a common cause that effective political involvement becomes possible. Thus, INDN is dedicated to unifying and mobilizing Indian voters everywhere to support Indian candidates and Democrats up and down the ballot.

And most importantly, Indian children and adults alike must see other Indians running for and winning higher offices, so that future generations will be inspired to cast their Indian vote and make the Indian voice the palpable force in American politics that it deserves to be.

INDN’s List is committed to a four-pronged strategy to elect Democratic Indians and involve Indians in the political process.

  1. Recruiting Indian candidates;
  2. Training Indian candidates and Indian staff;
  3. Funding Indian candidates and campaigns; and
  4. Mobilizing Indian voters to help elect Democratic candidates up and down the ballot.

Our immediate focus is to develop Indians’ political skills and cultivate tribal resources to win elections and increase Native representation at the local and state level. Ultimately, in the future, we plan to launch a sister committee to support Native candidates for the United States Congress, Senate and beyond. Only then can we build a country where diversity is celebrated, civil rights are not negotiable under any circumstances and where the Constitutional promise of equal rights and opportunities for all made over two centuries ago is finally, truly realized. 

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